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White Industries T11 or Chris King R45 hubs?

Hi all, Getting a custom wheelset and looking at getting either White Industries T11 or CK R45 hubs (Campy). Both are very good and my logical side says WH but I've always liked CK red hubs. Thoughts? The front will be radially laced if that makes a difference. ThanksRead More »

hub dimensions American Classic, white industries

I'm not sure about the dimensions provided by the manufacturers, so has anyone reliable, maybe self-measured data on current AmClassic Road 205 and WI H3 hubs with Shimano freehub body? I'm especially interested in the distances center hub -> center (!) flanges.Read More »

Who is doing the best deal on white industries t11 hubset

Looking to do a build on the above hubset are there any deals out there for these hubs ? ThanksRead More »

Hub noise- White Industries new T11 hub

Does anyone have a sense of the relative loudness of the new White Industries T11 hub? Is it louder, quieter, or the same as the H3? -Steve, well aware of the subjective nature of any answers to his question, but heck, isn't that why we have the internet?Read More »

are White industries hub worth it?

Hi, I found a local wheel builder who can build me a set of wheels exactly like the boyd vitesse (same hub, Sapin CXRay spoke and kinlin 23 mm wide x 28 mm deep rim). He told me that if I wanted to have even better wheels, I should go with White Industries T11 hub. But they are 225$ more, whi ... Read More »


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Bar Tape

Eno Freewheel Cog Singlespeed 0
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$ 163.00


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$ 52.00
Eno Freewheel Cog Singlespeed 0
0   Reviews
$ 163.00


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$ 293.55


ENO Eccentric 0
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$ 165.00
H2 Road Hub 5
1   Reviews
$ 273.00
Track 0
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$ 204.00




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