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How do you dispose of white lightning?

Pulled out my old sipping jug, and surprise! Still has liquid in it. (The still does also). I cannot understand why I would have left liquid in the jug and the still, but it's been in there for maybe.........14 years or so. The still isn't lighting - I think it probably needs a good cleaning ... Read More »

Pro Link versus White Lightning

I read a thread here at one point that sang the praises of prolink so I got some and am using it as my chain lube. However, a couple of the folks I have been riding with and a repair guy at the bike shop both recommended white lightning. They commented that it works great and that it was less pron ... Read More »

regular White Lightning versus White Lightning Epic

Any reason to select one over the other? I think I understand the difference between these two products conceptually...at least insofar as I've read the marketing schpiel on the website & on the back of the bottles. I've even used both, though not for long enough to form an opinion of one pro ... Read More »

White Lightning

I bought some for my chain and was wondering where else it could be applied to on my bike? Thanks........Justin :DRead More »


White Lightning Product Categories


Chain 0
0   Reviews
$ 11.95
Clean Ride Wax Lube 1
1   Reviews
$ 59.36
Clean Streak Dry Degreaser 0
0   Reviews
$ 58.74
Crystal Grease 0
0   Reviews
$ 10.00
Epic Ride Light Lube 0
0   Reviews
$ 6.89
Race Day 0
0   Reviews
$ 9.99
Tirgger Cleaner 0
0   Reviews
$ 24.99
Trigger Cleaning System 0
0   Reviews
$ 24.99
Wash & Shine Bike Wash 5
1   Reviews
$ 11.50
Wet Ride Heavy Lube 0
0   Reviews
$ 8.00


Chain Johnny 0
0   Reviews
$ 19.99




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