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Is Winwood defunct?

[url]http://www.winwoodbike.com/[/url] No products are listed anywhere, just some product manuals. Are they closing up shop? Maybe I need to snag that Dualist Carbon Cross fork I've been eyeballing online...!Read More »

Carbon disc fork - Winwood?

I'm looking for a carbon disc fork, ideally with clearance for wider tires, so I'm mostly looking for 'cross forks. Right now the two best options may be the Winwood Dualist Carbon Cross and the Wound Up Team X. The WU fork is about $200 more than the Winwood, leaving the Winwood as the leading con ... Read More »

FAO Winwood Dualist Carbon Disc Cross owners

Hello, I've queried Winwood about this via e-mail, but they haven't answered so I was hoping you could enlighthen me: Does the Dualist accept calliper brakes? I'm guessing not given it's name and hardware, but it seems as if the crown has the appropriate socket. ThanksRead More »

Vicious Cycle Disc vs Winwood Muddy Disc

Does anyone have experience with these two forks that would be willing to compare them for me? Or perhaps make a recommendation? I know the Vicious Cycles Fork is 138g heavier, but is it significantly stiffer? I have been using a noodle of a fork on my Mountain Cycle Stumptown and cannot get the ... Read More »

Winwood Dusty Fork and Brakes

Can you run V-brakes on the Winwood Dusty 1" fork? Thanks!Read More »


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