Wipperman Chains

Can you use a Wipperman chain on a 2012 Campy Chorus set up?Read More »

Wipperman Connex master link/Campy Record chain

Advice appreciated: 1) Does anybody know if a 10-speed chain Wipperman Connex master link is compatible with a Campy Record 10-speed chain ? 2) If so, do I have to replace the master-link every time I change the chain or can I continue to use the old link. Thanks and have a great week-en ... Read More »

Wipperman Connex vs Sram Powerlink ...

I just put a new 9-speed Dura-Ace chain on my '05 Madone (are Trek's good bikes? LOL). Anyway, it has a new 11-23 Cassette, and replacement compact cranks (all components are new enough not to have significant wear). The old Ultegra chain used the Shimano break-off pins, which I have never liked ... Read More »

Wipperman master problems with link 11-tooth cog

Recently upgraded to Ultegra 6700 groupo. Have the 11-28 cassette and Ultegra chain. Asked the guy at the LBS to install a master link; he chose Wipperman. Been having problems with chain hopping on the 11 tooth cog. It gets worse as the chain gets gritty (chain is wiped clean and oiled before ... Read More »


Wipperman Product Categories


Connex 10S8 5
1   Reviews
$ 46.00
Connex 10SO 1.71
6   Reviews
$ 30.00
ConneX 10TR 1
0   Reviews
$ 340.00
ConneX Stainless Steel 0
0   Reviews
$ 75.00



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