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Wound Up fork for Moots?

I'm thinking of getting a Wound Up fork for my 2005 VaMoots. i like that they have a steel steerer version since I'm a big boy and I care a lot more about durability than weight. It doesn't hurt that the steel steerer version sells for $325. I'm thinking a 40mm rake for a 59cm VaMoots. Anyone us ... Read More »

wound up forks think

Anyone ever used a wound up fork with an integrated head tubed frame if so any pics?Read More »

wound up carbon fork

does anyone know how much tire you can stuff in their road fork?Read More »

Wound Up road fork opinions?

Hi, I'm hunting for a fork for an upcoming bike build. Having nailed down the wheels I want, I want a carbon 700c fork that'll handle a 28mm tire and also have an axle/crown length short enough not to mess up the head tube angle on the bike. The Wound Up fits the bill perfectly. It's also availab ... Read More »

wound up road forks?

[url]http://www.woundupcomposites.com/road_fork.html[/url] greetings all anyone using these forks? opinions ? many thanks in advanceRead More »


Wound Up Product Categories


Carbon 0
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$ 0.00
Team X Carbon Cyclocross 0
0   Reviews
$ 365.99
Threadless Carbon 4.47
17   Reviews
$ 295.00




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