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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Type A Crit Racer

You know who we’re talking about. The guy who shaves his legs twice a week, LOVES interval workouts, thinks headset spacers are a sin, and believes office parks were made for bike racing, not parking cars.   Read More »

The Best Bike Tools You’ve Never Heard Of: A Profile of Brett Flemming and Efficient Velo Tools

Despite localized fame and industry notice, EVT flies under the radar with the bike buying public, somewhat by design. While Park Tool happily sells to consumers as well as shops, Flemming prefers to focus on the professional market.    Read More »

SRAM BB7 SL & SlickWire Road Brake XL Cable Kit Announced

The new BB7 Road SL (RSL) cable actuated disc brakes, for both Cyclocross and Road, are a lightweight upgrade from the original king of cable stoppers, the BB7.   Read More »

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Learn me about wound care

Got chopped by some clown in first race of the season (he took out 5 riders). Haven't had a road rash like this in a while. Gimme your best tips/products for taking care of this bad boy. The deep one on my hip [IMG]https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/76900_10152446842660585_1335644667_n.jp ... Read More »

How to protect wound?

Hi! Last friday i crashed on the track. I got a nice large wound on my right thigh. When I train now the wound sticks to my shorts and I have to tear it up to get the shorts off. The same happens if i put a plaster on. What should i put on the wound when i train so i dont have to tear it up after ... Read More »

Wound Up fork for Moots?

I'm thinking of getting a Wound Up fork for my 2005 VaMoots. i like that they have a steel steerer version since I'm a big boy and I care a lot more about durability than weight. It doesn't hurt that the steel steerer version sells for $325. I'm thinking a 40mm rake for a 59cm VaMoots. Anyone us ... Read More »

wound up forks think

Anyone ever used a wound up fork with an integrated head tubed frame if so any pics?Read More »

Wound Dressing

So I took a large portion of my left outside forearm off last week in a crash. Can't find any non stick wraps that are large enough or can go around the elbow. Every time I put gauze on it sticks and reopens the skin. Almost a week later I still look like a bloody mess. Any ideas, tricks, etc... ... Read More »

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