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Need opinion on Xero XR-1 650C

I'm building a tri bike and need a set of decent wheels for training and racing. First, I completely understand that you get what you pay for. Bikewagon is selling the Xero XR-1 wheelset for $85. That's an incredibly low price ofr any wheelset. But, are they good wheels? They have a cla ... Read More »

Wheel indicator worn off.. Replacements?? Argon 18 Plutonium / Xero Shawla

My wear indicator on my rear rim has completely worn off, it is just a silver pit. My front is probably well past half worn off also. How important is it to change them? Coming from MTB, my brakes have always seemed really, really crap compared to disc, so to be honest I have not really noticed muc ... Read More »

Anyone had experience with Xero wheels?

I'm just wondering if anyone used or are using Xero wheels. Specifically either the Shawla 310 or the Xero Lite XGR-1. opinions welcome. This is for racing purposes but commuting and weekend rides.Read More »

Xero XR lite wheels for big guy commuting?

I'm in bad need of new wheels and there's a local guy offering me a good deal on a set of xr lite wheels with 105 hubs 24h at $100 (that is a good deal, right?). Will these be adequate for daily commuting wheels (24 mile/day) and I'm a 250lbs strong rider. I believe he said they came off a stock Cro ... Read More »

Xero Lite xsr-3 or Vuelta StarLite?

Due to a tragic accident, I am in need of getting a new wheelset for my bike. I have pretty much narrowed it down to two choices: the Xero lite xsr-3 or the Vuelta Starlite? Any opinions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I am a casual rider, so I am not looking for anything that high end, just ... Read More »


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