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First Look: Xpedo 5.3 'cross-specific SPD-compatible pedal

This updated version will retail for $60 with three bearings—no bushings here—makes it look like one of the better bargains in SPD-compatible pedals.   Read More »

Team Successful Living Aims High for 2008

Ventura, Calif. - Successful Living Pro Cycling Team announced today their roster for 2008 with more speed, power and experience. Impressive results from the 2007 season gained serious recognition, which included 5 NRC victories. The team plans to continue their momentum with the addition of Canadia ...    Read More »

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Xpedo Pedals?

I have been looking to upgrade my pedals and today at work looking through the qbp catalog i stumbled upon Xpedo spd compatible pedals. Right now i am on shimano 520s and while they are easy to clip in to and durable they are super heavy at 390g. I work at a bike shop so i can get this xpedo pedals, ... Read More »

Xpedo THRUST pedals

Anybody seen/used these yet? Thinking about getting a pair.Read More »

Anyone heard of Xpedo Road Force Mag/TI

Just found this on the web. [url]http://www.xpedo.com/roadforce.htm[/url] I'm not too interested in the SPD compatible one, but the Look Compatible looks interesting. The look compatible one is much lighter than the Look-PP395 that I'm currently using.Read More »

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