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The bike that turns more and more yellow

Cool marketing: Wiggin's bike seems to be getting more and more yellow each day. Today his toptube and downtube were yellow at the top and bottom respectively, after getting a yellow saddle yesterday. Never seen that before.Read More »

What do you think about Mavic Zxellium road bike shoes in Yellow?

or any road shoes in the color yellow? Ugly Or great???Read More »

So Cadel pulls it off but even his yellow bike was not an Impec.

Doesn't look good for that model, at all. Congrats to Cadel Evans, Team BMC and BMC! Thankfully he is not an American so I don't have every Joe Schmoe riding around in BMC Kits and Team Machines, (ala Lance/Trek/US Postal days). Yell for Cadel!Read More »




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