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Guarnier, Amanda Miller Make U.S. Olympic Long Team with Strong Sponsor Support

Long–term partnership with TIBCO and SVB provide foundation for success. Pescadero, CA – Megan Guarnier and Amanda Miller of Team TIBCO/To the Top were both named to the 2012 U.S. Olympic long team last week by USA Cycling, the sport’s governing body in the U.S. Guarnier received an automatic ...    Read More »

Team Tibco's 2008 LOOK Team Bikes

Recently RoadBikeReview was invited out to the home of Linda Jackson, founder and President of Team Tibco Cycling, to get the scoop on the new team bikes for 2008. LOOK continues as the team's bike sponsor for 2008 and issued the ladies 585's, with the exception of Brooke Miller who will be racing a ...    Read More »

Team TIBCO Announces 2008 Elite and Development Rosters

Los Altos, California (Nov 28, 2007)--Team TIBCO professional women’s cycling team continues to add firepower to its roster as it gears up for the 2008 season. New recruits Amber Rais, Helen Kelly, Lauren Franges, Rachel Heal, Rushlee Buchanan, and Sarah Caravella comprise the latest additions to th ...    Read More »

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Yokozuna Reaction Cable System question.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]276075[/ATTACH]I'm getting ready for my anticipated bike build and read good things about the Yokozuna Reaction Cable System. I was just going to go with good ol' Campy cables, but these sound to be better. Are they better?Read More »

yokozuna casing questions

putting new casings on my old klein for the first time in a waaaaaaay frickin' long time. got some yokozuna cables/casing, they seem really nice. couple of questions: where the casing goes into the shift/brake lever assembly(shimano ultegra 6700) for the brakes, should i NOT use the metal end c ... Read More »

upgrading cables system - gore/nokon/yokozuna/other?

title pretty much sums this one! new frame gets new sexy bits, and im looking to improve the already excellent force group i have and upgrading my basic jagwire system looks a (relatively) cheap way of doing so, so your experiences would be welcomed... im north of england based so wet and windy ... Read More »

Yokozuna Brake Cable Rust!

So I built up my Cervelo S3 in late Feb 2011. I chose Yokozuna cables; PIA to get the brake cables routed perfectly but finally did it. 6 months later, check them out. Rust in the housing! Anyone had similar experience? Check out the pic: [IMG]http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6081/6066413265_086af6 ... Read More »

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