Horner going to the Vuelta for sure? How long do you expect him to last?

[url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/08/news/headed-to-utah-and-the-vuelta-horner-searches-for-lost-time_297594]Headed to Utah and the Vuelta, Horner searches for lost time - VeloNews.com[/url] I have no clue how he plans to drag his carcass all over Spain. Tbh I wouldn't even have faith in p ... Read More »

Best price you've seen on HED Ardennes CL wheels?

Hi. I'm considering some HED Ardennes CL wheels. I see one place that has them on sale for $671 right now. Not sure this is a great, once in a lifetime deal, or if this sort of price comes up occasionally. I'm not ready for them yet, so don't want to buy until I need them or unless they are an a ... Read More »

TRANSPLANTS: Would you accept a transplanted organ from a criminal?

Here is a link to an article about research that indicated that some people would be "creeped out" by accepting an organ donation from a criminal or an animal. [url=http://michigantoday.umich.edu/story.php?id=8679#.UffPtawTVRs]Would you accept an organ donated by a criminal? | Michigan Today[/url] ... Read More »

What type of wax do you use on carbon frame?

Before I start building up my s-works bike, I wanted to put a coat of wax on the frame. I was thinking any spray type car wax would work. Am I wrong? What do you use?Read More »

Any good cycling books you could recommend?

I'm flying from DC to CA this week on business, which means about 12+ hours in the air, plus a lot of sitting around at the airports. Any good cycling books I should search out at the library? I was curious to read Lance's book, just because...but anything else? The books could be about training/end ... Read More »


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