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How To: Go singlespeed if you break your rear derailleur

Broken rear derailleur or busted derailleur hanger? What now? Before you reach for your phone and call for a ride, you may be able to turn your rig into a singlespeed and pedal home.    Read More »

RoofScope Helps You Keep an Eye on Precious Roof-Mounted Cargo

Ever driven your roof-rack mounted bike into a low overhang? Ouch. RoofScope might just be the ounce-of-prevention you need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.    Read More »

How To: Get Home When You’ve Run Out Of Tubes (Video)

You’ve just suffered your third puncture, you’re out of tubes and are miles from home. Now what? Here are some tricks that just might get you home without having to call for help, hitchhike or walk.    Read More »

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Horner going to the Vuelta for sure? How long do you expect him to last?

[url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/08/news/headed-to-utah-and-the-vuelta-horner-searches-for-lost-time_297594]Headed to Utah and the Vuelta, Horner searches for lost time - VeloNews.com[/url] I have no clue how he plans to drag his carcass all over Spain. Tbh I wouldn't even have faith in p ... Read More »

Best price you've seen on HED Ardennes CL wheels?

Hi. I'm considering some HED Ardennes CL wheels. I see one place that has them on sale for $671 right now. Not sure this is a great, once in a lifetime deal, or if this sort of price comes up occasionally. I'm not ready for them yet, so don't want to buy until I need them or unless they are an a ... Read More »

TRANSPLANTS: Would you accept a transplanted organ from a criminal?

Here is a link to an article about research that indicated that some people would be "creeped out" by accepting an organ donation from a criminal or an animal. [url=http://michigantoday.umich.edu/story.php?id=8679#.UffPtawTVRs]Would you accept an organ donated by a criminal? | Michigan Today[/url] ... Read More »

What type of wax do you use on carbon frame?

Before I start building up my s-works bike, I wanted to put a coat of wax on the frame. I was thinking any spray type car wax would work. Am I wrong? What do you use?Read More »

Any good cycling books you could recommend?

I'm flying from DC to CA this week on business, which means about 12+ hours in the air, plus a lot of sitting around at the airports. Any good cycling books I should search out at the library? I was curious to read Lance's book, just because...but anything else? The books could be about training/end ... Read More »

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