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Zero Gravity OG-05 Ti

Zero Gravity OG-05 Ti Photo ©: Roadbikereview.com Weight-weenie excellence By Francis CebedoDate: March 17, 2005 The package     Lever release system Mounting post     Cam system Side by side with Shimano 78 ...    Read More »

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Ciamillo Zero Gravity Gravitas Carbon Crank Version 2

Version 1 [IMG]http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z14/RS_VR6/driveside_zps6a5a12d9.jpg[/IMG] Version 2 [IMG]http://carbonlord.com/Venge/Gravitas_Crank.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

Zero gravity brakes vs DA 7800

I decided last month i would lighten my bike up a bit, approx 1 1/2 pounds so i started with my brakes, I found a good deal on these brakes on Ebay so i went for it. Here is a comparison between 2012 Zero Gravity Negative GSL brake Set and DA 7800 They are not as grabby as the Dura ace brakes but ... Read More »

Zero Gravity Negative GSL brakes

There's a seller on ebay who's selling brand new Negative GSL brakes in a variety of colors. Do a search for "Negative GSL" and you'll see the posts. These brakes retail for $399, and the seller is offering them for a Buy It Now price of $300-325. That alone isn't bad, because these brakes rarely ... Read More »

Considering Zero Gravity Negative GSL's for the F5

I'm considering throwing on a set of white Zero Gravity's Negative G SL's on the F5. Found a decent price on a set and can probably recoup a little more by selling off the current Rival brakes that are on the bike now. Any thoughts? I have always really liked the aesthetics of the Zero Gravit ... Read More »

zero gravity

I sent a zero g brakeset for a tune-up, before I sent them to Ciamillo I asked for turn around time he said approximately 1 week, its been a month. I guess what's frustrating is there has been no contact I've emailed and called, no reply. The only contact was a call asking for CC number that was w ... Read More »

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