Cannondale 2001 H400 Older Hybrid Bike

2001 H400

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Michael Drennan   Commuter [Jul 29, 2002]

The H400 typifies Hybrid design. The narrow wheels and specialized frame made it faster on the street than any mountain bike. It's durability made it more attractive than road bikes to all weather riders like myself. The Shimano 105 component set certainly helped. Mind you, someone cut through my Kryptonite to steal this old, weatherbeaten ride. They had a number of newer, shinier commuting bikes to choose from on the rack, and they chose mine. Maybe its personal...


The H400 makes for a great all weather ride, but don't expect to keep up with your friends on touring bikes. Even with a modified gear set, drop bars, low neck and racing seat I routinely got smoked by mid-line touring bikes. The inability to acheive a similar momentum to touring bikes also meant more work on the way home. Great bike for daily commutes of ten miles or so. But if you work in the Loop and live in Naperville, drop the bucks for a new Lemond instead.

Someone stole my H400 last Friday. They cut through my Kryptonite and rode off. It was locked in front of Northwestern Memorial. After seven years and thousands of commuting miles, earned in sun, rain, sleet and snow, we parted company. As a hard core commuter (25 miles round trip daily) I loved that bike, but it had limitations

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