De Rosa Giro d'Italia Older Road Bike

Giro d'Italia

2001(?) red steel lugged Italian frame (Columbus EL) with beautiful chrome front lugs, Ultegra 9 speed drivetrain, ti bottom bracket, Campy Athena brakes, Chris King headset, Mavic Cosmic wheelset, Hutchinson tires, Look carbon fork.

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george kraushaar   Recreational Rider [Mar 12, 2009]

This bike rides with a purpose; it goes down the road solidly and quickly without any fuss or bad manners. It rides exactly as you would expect a bike of this pedigree to ride.


I would have liked a triple, but we couldn't find an Italian threaded Campy bottom bracket that would fit.

This bike is a traditional steel road racing machine. Alothough updated with ergo 9 speed shifters and relatively modern aero wheels, it rides like a real Italian thoroughbred should. It's solid, fast, comfortable, stiff where it needs to be, and works as it should. Although I would have wished for Campy throughout, the Shimano parts work are just as solid as the rest of the bike. Although this bike has a few years on it, it's really clean, just a small dent on the bottom side of the downtube where a rock probably found its mark.

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