Quintana Roo Redstone Older Triathlon Bike


Redstone (#7005 aluminum) Aero-shaped carbon-fiber gussets. >QR's tri geometry including 78" seat tube angle >Carbon-fiber gusset >Carbon stabilizer diminishing rear triangle flex >TIG welded of QR’s custom #7005 aluminum tubeset >QR's custom internal cable routing >9-speed Shimano Dura Ace base kit >Optional Mavic Mektronic electronic shifting system >QR’s Carbonaero fork >650c wheels front/rear >Hutchinson Krono Gold 23mm 125psi clinchers >Replaceable derailleur hanger >Made in the USA >Available in odd sizes from 47cm through 61cm Clipless pedals sold separately Retail (frame & fork only): $1995

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Lyndon Box   Triathlete [May 02, 2000]

This bike is FAST! My times went down considerably with the upgrade. I notices probably a 1-2 mph speed increase on training roads I was familiar with compared to my bianchi road bike equiped wiht aerobars. It is very stiff and the carbon fiber stays dampen the road vibrations. It also is a head turner for the shameless tri-geek.


The cost. I got mine on a closeout for half price. As much as I love it, I don't know if I could swing their retail price.

Dont let the fact that is alumnimum thow you. I rode ti, carbon and aluminum when shopping and this has a really unique feel to me. It doesn't flex (I weigh about 175), its fast, and its sharp. If you are serious about triathlon and you are looking for a unique bike check it out. If you are a heavier rider, you will probably like the frame even more. If your a budget racer or Ti/carbon worshipper, you probably should look elswhere.

Similar Products Used: This is my first true tri-bike.
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