Giant Cypress DX 2002 Hybrid Bike

Cypress DX

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max_man   Commuter [Jun 22, 2003]

Nice price for an entry-level bike, nice front suspension.


With a low-end bike comes some cheaper components that wear out quicker than better quality components.

My first adult bike was a Raleigh C-40 which was stolen at work after I'd owned it for a year, so I wasn't too keen on buying something more expensive to replace it. This bike was in a similar price range. I use it mainly for commuting. I have another slightly more expensive bike I use for fun and long rides. In summary, I think this bike performs as expected for its price range. As for the stress I put on this bike, I weigh 220 lbs and I ride about 8 miles round trip every weekday and sometimes run a few errands on the bike. I rode it through soft snow a few times this past winter (using another set of tires, not with studs but not smooth like the stock tires) which was unusually rough, lots of salt and mud and water, since my commute takes me over streets and trails. I've been riding a couple of years now and I don't ride in a leisurely fashion. Problems. I may have damaged the front suspension in some way or it may be my weight. I can easily bottom out the front supension on driveway lips. I told the bike shop about this when I took it back for a warranty tune-up, but nothing changed. I had to replace the front shifter. At present I'm dealing with a half way broken rear shifter. It works. I also broke a spoke recently, but didn't notice it till I tried to true up the tire. The suspension seatpost has failed also, but I'm planning on replacing that with a non-suspension seat post. Otherwise the bike seems to be holding up. It's comfortable and the front suspension is nice when I don't hit something that it can't handle. I just replaced the chain, the crankset and the bottom bracket cartridge. The chain was obviously worn out and I believe the bottom bracket had been worn out also. After I replaced the chain, I heard and felt a click that happened every revolution of the crank at the same point no matter which chainring I was using. That prompted me to replace the bottom bracket cartridge along with the crankset which had visible wear in the chainring teeth. I think that was normal wear for the pressure I put on the bike and the components of that quality. The bike comes with Giants crankset of 48-38-28 chainrings brazed onto the cranks. I went to another bike shop and asked for a crankset with replaceable chainrings and they ordered Shimano Sora for me. The bike has a 7-speed cassette and after I took it home I noticed that the crankset is labeled for 8-speed. I installed them, and had to reposition the derailler for the larger chainrings (52-42-30), but it works fine so far. I plan to keep this as a commuter bike for a few years. It's starting look worn, so maybe it won't be a temptation to the thieves, although I plan to keep it in good working order. I'll probably get some tires that aren't as wide soon. I still have the stock tires that are 40 wide. They are comfortable, but I think I'm ready to trade in some comfort for more speed and efficiency.

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