Raleigh USA C200 2002 Hybrid Bike


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txwalkers   Recreational Rider [Jul 22, 2003]

Shocks on front fork and seat. Solid, durable, and relatively fast tires. Flexibility to go anywhere. Love the grip shifters too!


Avenir saddle is a little uncomfortable, which I hear is a common complaint. I might replace. Despite keeping the bike out of rain, some of the bolts are starting to rust in the Houston humidity.

Waited until my first road ride to review this bike. Did the 30 mile Katy Flatland Course (www.northwestcyclingclub.org). I ride 10 miles 2 weekdays during the week, and 20 miles on Sundays for fitness. Because I have young kids, I wanted a general "go around the neighborhood" bike, and one I could do up to half centuries on road rides. I also wanted something sturdy to do some light off-roading. This bike exceeds my expectations on the first two goals. The only limitation on the last is the size of the frame. Since it was last year's model, I was getting a "deal", and settled for a frame that is probably slightly larger than my size. Consequently, there isn't much room if I come off the saddle on the bar. The cycle shop said it "looked" like it fit, but I think they were more eager to get the bike out the door. This bike was light years better than my old Wal-Mart Murray. It is very comfortable on my neighborhood's bumpy streets, shifts smooth, and rides fast.

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