Lightning Cycle Dynamics Thunderbolt 2002 Recumbent Bike


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mjswan   Recreational Rider [Jun 10, 2002]

The comfort was impressive. Its seating and was great and the steering position was just right. Good looking bike, got lots of admiring looks (I'm referring to the bike!). The fit was just right for a short person (I'm 5'4").


The components are less than I would have spec'd out, but worked well. Probably what you should expect for an $800 bike. It wasn't as fast up hills as I am used to.

A friend had a new Thunderbolt on loan from Lightning and offered to let me take it on a 25 mile ride. Some street riding, but mostly on Santa Clarita bike paths. This was my first ride on a recumbent. It was easy to ride once I figured out how to ride in a straight line. I was surprised how pain-free I was--only muscles I hadn't used before were tired.

Similar Products Used: Burley Canto, Django--parking lot tests only
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