Quintana Roo Private Reserve PR 2002 Triathlon Bike

Private Reserve PR

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Nathan   Triathlete [Sep 26, 2003]

Great for flat and rolling courses and more than half-decent for courses with some short steep climbs.


Not so great for long climbs and/or a very hilly course.

I have been riding it for a month now, but I must say, I am much more comfortable in the aero position with my QR PR. The oval top tube looks weird, but it is a handy place to put one's powerbars in a race. A new 2002 with an Ultegra mix kit and basic aero bars and trainging wheels costs $1700-2000. I paid $1100 for my bike with Carbon X bars, Mavic training wheels, Dura Ace race wheels, and a full Ultegra drive train I am very happy. It is comfortable in the aero position now that it is set up well and it improved my run off the bike.

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