Cannondale Bad Boy HeadShok 2003 Hybrid Bike

Bad Boy HeadShok

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jokeyjon   Commuter [Jun 17, 2003]

Looks great, fantastic frame accelerates faster than anything else I have ever ridden.


Not cheap. Disks a wee bit squeaky / grabby.

I spent a fair bit of time trying to work out from online reviews (like this one) what would be the best commuting bike for me. I ended up choosing three bikes and after I rode them, the Bad Boy was the head and shoulders winner. I hadn't been too sure about the skinny tyres, but I haven't hit a pothole yet that made them feel anything other than rock solid. Overall, the bike feels pretty bombproof, but very light with it. Front fork does a good job of soaking up the aforementioned crappy London surfaces and the disk brakes are a revelation. Having said that they are a bit squeaky, but I haven't taken them off to have a look yet, so it could just be teething problems. If I want to, I can overtake just about anyone else on my route to work, or I can just sit back and enjoy a smooth, easy ride.

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