Greenspeed GTO Touring/Travel Trike 2003 Recumbent Bike

GTO Touring/Travel Trike

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kobaken4   Recreational Rider [Aug 01, 2004]

Comfort, good handling and stability, turning radius


Width and weight

I actually have a somewhat older model, probably 2001. It's not the lightest or fastest trike, but comfort and handling are first rate. The wide track gives it exceptional stability, and handling is predictable and responsive at all speeds. With hydraulic disc brakes it stops on a dime - I can brake hard enough to lift the rear wheel if I want to. Turning radius is smaller than any trike I have tested. It's hard to imagine a better bike or trike for long, relaxed rides. It's also well suited for practical use (e.g. commuting). But if racing and fast group rides are your primary uses, you may want to look at a narrower, lighter trike.

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