Lightning Cycle Dynamics P-38 XT 2003 Recumbent Bike

P-38 XT

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BORG   Recreational Rider [Jun 30, 2003]

Climbing, acceleration, speed


Horrible body position and seat. Absolutely medically dangerous.

As a doctor with back and neck problems I feel it's my duty to write about this bike. I've been looking for a high performance recumbant as an alternative to my roadie which I ride 200mi wk on basically mountain and steep hill roads much to the consternation of my poor middle aged neck. I also have low back problems from 25 years of xtreme skiing but road bikes don't bother that aspect of my spine. Most people unfortunately come to recumbants AFTER injury and because of injury or wear and tear like me. Too bad, after demoeing many reumbants , they are so much fun, well, what the hell was I ever doing on a regular bike?!The p-38 is the best performing recumbant I've tested: and I've tested a lot, including the vaunted Bacchettas. But WARNING ! Any serious amount of riding on this thing will create an incredible accumulated stress on your lower back. I found my legs becoming numb after 15 mins.! The seat sits you over 6 inches below the bottom bracket and puts your lumbar spine at a right angle. Who designed this thing? It's an orthopedic nightmare.The young and invinceable won't notice this untill about 10 years when they need back surgery. Anyone else with low back problems steer clear. It's a shame because it's otherwise a great bike easily outclimbing anything else including a lot of standard road bikes.Now if the company were smart they would redesign and raise the seat assembly and put a high tech Bacchetta like seat on it. Then, wow!

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