Lightning Cycle Dynamics Thunderbolt A-10 2003 Recumbent Bike

Thunderbolt A-10

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clu4u   Recreational Rider [Jul 31, 2004]

Comfortable mesh seat absorbs some road bumps, nimble handling, aerodynamic design reduces pedalling effort at cruising speeds.


Middle-of-road weight (30 lbs), some no-name, but functional components.

This is my first recumbent, and was purchased as a toe testing the water of recumbents. I have put about 700 mi. on the bike so far, and no problems or buyer's remorse. It is a SWB (short wheelbase, with the front wheel behind the cranks). Some consider SWBs to be unstable at high speeds, but have ridden confidently at 40 mph. If I hadn't been testing the waters, I would probably have spent another $500 and bought the Phantom - similar bike, but 3 lbs lighter, and slightly more aerodynamic design. Since buying this bike, I am convinced that a recumbent bike is great fun to ride, and much more comfortable than an upright.

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