Topeak Tour Guide HandleBar DX Bike Bags

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Tour Guide HandleBar DX

Topeak Tour Guide HandleBar Bag DX. Full featured bag for day trips or extended touring. This is the pack to take when touring the globe. The large capacity and fully padded main compartment protects your valuables, while the handy map window on top let

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crossracer   [Dec 05, 2013]

This is a great bag with lots of pockets and useful items. THe map compartment is very nice and i usually just stick my smart phone in there. The included dry bag is nice also. Construction is top notch. The ability to just unclick it and take it with you makes it super versitle.


Im not super thrilled with the plastic mounting bracket. It has held up over two thousand miles of commuting and riding dirt roads.

To be honest, i love this bag. WIth a couple of minor faults it has become far and away one of my favorite purschaces this year. The bag is well constructed, and snaps securly into the holder. Now the whole idea here is that the mounting bracket has to be really cranked down in order for it not to slip. Since i wasnt able to do that int he application i was using i created a strap that ran under the stem and was anchored at both attatchment points. It has allowed the bag be mounted in such a way tha tit doesnt fall down.

All in all it is a great bag, and it really has been super useful for my commuting and touring.

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