Blackburn System X6 Lights

System X6

Blackburn employs the technical advances in emitter (LED) technology by Luxeon to deliver a high quality system that maximizes light and run time. Built to tackle a solo 24 hour event or several commutes, the dual three watt Luxeon lamps have 3 run modes – 30%, 70%, 100% plus a flash mode. One lamp is spot, the other is wide beam. Run time varies from 20 hours (dimmed) to 3.5 hours at full intensity. Included are 2 handlebar mounts, each fits standard or oversize bars and 1 helmet mount. Blackburn’s Constant Current technology maintains full brightness throughout the battery life; the digital charger delivers a full charge in 4.5 hours. The 5 cell battery pack is a lightweight NiMH (3600 mAh).