CatEye HL-1500 Lights


The HL-1500 uses Hyper Halogen Technology to send thousands of pulses of energy to the bulb every second. In the 1,000-candlepower energy-conserving low setting, the battery life is extended to six hours. With a flick of the switch, the Hyper-Halogen is in the brilliant 3,000-candlepower high setting for increased visibility. Side light markers provide additional visibility from the right and left. With the high and low settings the hyper halogen can maximize both your light output and battery life.

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allgoo19   Recreational Rider [Dec 15, 2009]

Inexpensive, high output for 4AA cell model, good beam pattern, reasonably long burn time per charge(more than 3 hrs.), giving high and low settings,


Low quality plastic, bracket is not as easy to install nor tool free like newer models even from the same company, not weather resistant, replacing battery is not as easy as other model,

I have used different lights in the same class, single unit with no wire using regular cell batteries, and this has the best over all performance so far. I have tried 1W LED light but it didn't come anywhere close to 2.4w Hyper Halogen when it comes to intensity of the light. 3 hrs. run time of this model is good enough for most people unless you do a through the night riding and how often you do that? Just having a spare set of batteries gets you nearly 7 hrs. of ride.

Similar Products Used: Cateye HL500, Cateye EL500II Micro Halogen, Planet Bike Super Spot 1W.
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