CatEye TL-LD1100 Lights

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The TL-LD1100 is the latest and brightest tail light from CatEye. It is highly water resistant, has 4 different modes, and offers side visibility. With 10 super bright LEDs and CatEye OptiCube lens technology, the TL-LD1100 is designed to be bright enough to be used even during the day. 10 LEDs. 100,000+ mcd. Runs over 50 hours on constant or 100 hours on flashing.

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Gregory Clift   [Dec 07, 2012]

bright light, many different light combinations, easy battery change, secure mount



I have the LD1000, which is what this review is for. Pretty much the same thing but apparently the new one is even brighter.

This is the ultimate tail light that I have used. Very bright. A large number of possible lighting combinations (solid, all flash, blinking stream, blinking random). There are two on/off buttons; each one controls 5 of the 10 total LEDs. I like the blinking random setting for visibility and ultimate extended battery life. Because of the two on/off buttons, you can set each side to do different things, or have them do the same thing at different times to increase visibility.

Holding the light in your hand with it turned on, the lights are too bright to look at directly (at least for me). I'm sure this translates well to on-the-road visibility. Also, almost all of the surface area (outward facing side and each end of the light) are covered by LED lights for a total of ten.

Very well-made and weather-proof. I've used this light for years with no worries and changed batteries twice. The mounting bracket is very secure and clicks in. You must push a small lever to release the light from the mount.

Also, I bought an extra Cateye SP-11 FlexTight bracket so now I can move this light between multiple bikes.

I recommend this light for high visibility, great battery life, and great operating controls/selections.

It seems like something always happens with bike lights. They get busted. When my LD1000 busts, I'm sure I'll get a LD1100.

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