Cygolite Expilion 400 USB Lights

Expilion 400 USB

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John   [Oct 26, 2012]

I purchased the 500 lumen (exactly the same, except 100 more lumens than this version) for $125 at a local bike store. Good for casual to spirited riding around town. Excellent battery life, especially at a medium setting. I love it for commuting to work and being able to bike in the summer at night when air temps are cooler.
It is about half as bright as a car headlight, which is great for bike speeds.


Wide open areas leave you wanting more power. Its hard to clearly make out objects at a distance. Color temperature is very cool white and harsh, like most all high power LEDs these days. Cars use warmer lights for a reason-better contrast at night, easier on your eyes, and better at preserving your night vision.

I now want a light with twice the power and warm color temperature. --- about what a car headlight will do.

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