Kryptonite Evo 3000 U-Lock Locks

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Evo 3000 U-Lock

The highest security lock you can buy, this Ulock features a steel sleeve crossbar for double security protection. Features a 1/2 inch (13mm) Kryptonium Steel(TM) shackle and a PikSafe(TM) cylinder. Integrated dustcover protects cylinder. BracKIT(TM) included for carrying ease.

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Subw00fer   Commuter [Jul 07, 2005]

It's supposed to be 3-4 times tougher to break/cut/dismantle this lock than it is to break/cut a model such as the Kryptonite Keeper. Even professional robbers will think twice before attempting to try to force this lock. It seems to be pretty hard to destroy, by a way or another. I've read that even if acid is used on the key hole, one could not open the lock anyway cause there are "return to lock position" springs there that you can only get out of the way by turning the key. It's possible to lock the frame and both wheels to a fence or another hard object (with patience and 1 ' 5/8 wheels...) Once you get the lock mounted on the ring (on the bike), it doesn't move, it wont fall for sure!


Have to lock/unlock it to get it mounted on your bike, which is pretty complicated to do. Expect a minute or so just to get that monster lock through the ring on your bike. There is rust on the tip of the U, already.

Oh my God! This is the worst lock I've ever own. It's hard to put the key in, hard to turn it (you have to turn clockwise to release the key and counterclockwise to lock it, which is unnatural and makes no sense at all), hard to put the lock in its socket on the bike... it doesnt clip it, you must pass one side of the U through the ring (attached to the bike) and then put the part with the lock on the other side of the ring... there is absolutely no room left when the U gets in the I through the ring and you won't be able to turn the key if you're not completely in. But the lock is hard to turn even when you're completely in so it's up to you to guess whether you're completely in or not.

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