Blackburn AirStik Long Neck Evo Pump

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AirStik Long Neck Evo

You can use this AirStik Longneck Evo as a hand-held pump or folded out into a mini floor pump. The fold out T-handle provides extra leverage while pumping.

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Tzvia   [May 13, 2012]

Not too heavy or bulky like the other minipumps with a footpeg, like th eTopeak. If you wish, you can use it like a regular minipump. It has a high pressure/high volume switch so would work equally well on the road or MTB. The handle folds out to a T, which makes getting a grip easier, and the valve hole has a hard cover that doubles as a lock to keep the removable head from vibrating loose- the hose is inside under the head. It mounts next to the water bottle where it's snag free design is appriciated. Other mini floor pumps I've considered were much bulkier.


I don't know if it is a weakness, but it feels cheap. Not that it is cheap, but it has that cheap plastic feel. I've used it a few times to see how well it works, and it's been fine, and the design is really nice, but it does not have that brushed Lezyne aluminum feel. Time will tell if my gut feelings have any merit.

I bought this pump for my commuter. After a long day at work, I don't want to be futzing with the minipump, proping the pump head against a rock so I can get some leverage, and risking breaking a valve stem (I've been there, it's not fun, and bought this pump because of that experience). After the initial impressions "it's so 'plasticee', it feels like it's going to fall apart". I got down to testing it out on the road bike and MTB and it works just fine. It did not fall apart, and I ended up with several filled tires without a hassle. Yes the Lezyne is so much nicer looking, and the Topeak looks more substantial, but this little Blackburn tucks away quite nicely next to my water bottle, weighs less, and works just fine. It was 40 bucks which seems like a lot, but I'm thinking it may be woth it if it holds up. The jury is still out on that one, so only four stars.

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