Lezyne Carbon Drive 2 High Volume Hand Pump

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Lezyne Carbon Drive 2 High Volume Hand Pump 


Every gram counts when you're struggling up the third mile of a 12% gradient. It's times like this that you're glad you have the Lezyne Carbon Drive 2 Pump. Featuring a carbon fiber handle and barrel and CNC-machined aluminum piston, the Carbon Drive 2 doesn't sacrifice a gram of efficiency in the pursuit of weight reduction. The Lezyne Carbon Drive 2 Pump features a 100% FCT carbon fiber handle and barrel. The pump's piston and end caps are made from CNC-machined aluminum. The combination of rigid, precise materials allows the Carbon Drive 2 to inflate tires to riding pressure with 30% less strokes than conventional hand pumps. The Carbon Drive 2 Pump comes outfitted with the Lezyne ABS Flex Hose. This feature is a huge ergonomic advantage for roadside inflation. With the ABS Flex Hose, you don't have to strain away at precise valve angles. Simply fit the Slip-Fit System valve head to the stem, and pump away at an angle of your choosing. The Flex Hose is also equipped with the Air Bleed System for even greater accuracy in pressure regulation. For a low-profile, the Carbon Drive 2 utilizes a compact design that stows the hose inside the pump handle when you're not using it. The Lezyne Carbon Drive 2 Pump is available in sizes Small (170mm, 88g) and Medium (216mm, 100g), and includes a Composite Matrix mounting bracket. The Carbon Drive 2 has a maximum of 90psi, and is only compatible with Presta Valve fittings.Comes equipped with a Composite Matrix frame pump mountOverlapping handle and barrel with oversized piston and shaft are integrated into a compact design for pocket-sized pleasure?and make great innuendos

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