SKS Rennkompressor Floor Pump

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Rennkompressor Floor

The SKS Rennkompressor has been one of the most popular pumps internationally for the last 40 years. Features like a 230 psi maximum and E.V.A. head that is compatible with presta, schrader and Dunlop valves make the SKS Renkompressor stan...

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jonas nygard   [May 06, 2015]

- Heavy and seems well made


- Low airvolume so pumping a road tire to 90-100 psi takes an irritatingly long time
- Bad design of the air chuck, always hits your finger really hard as you release it, completely unnecessary to worry about that, but it comes flying with real power as the leftover air in hose gets cleared out. My other pumps don't do that
- Bad design of base, it keeps falling over all the time. Hard to get it to stand without toppling over
- Pump hose gets connected to itself over the handle, but constantly falls off and gets snagged on stuff
- You always seem to get the pump upside down and have to turn it. Hard to read the dial at the bottom.

I guess I don't really like this pump. I bought it and am using it as I am too cheap to through it away I guess. Not a good pump overall. My old base Specialized one is much faster and better overall, but just was just getting worn out. Might need to find a faster and better floor pump soon however as this one is irritating to use. German's outsourcing to China I suspect. Not a good product, stay away from this one

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