Elite New Macan Water Bottles/Cages

New Macan

62 grams

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gigemaggs99   Recreational Rider [Mar 17, 2009]

Stainless steal, light-weight.


Holes in cage for securing to frame too small.

These cages are light and seem strong. They do have a problem though, the holes in them to screw them to you bike frame are smaller than normal. I was not able to put them on my GIANT TCR C Zero frame, the heads on the allen-head screws that come on my frame are too large for the holes in the cages so once you screw them down they stick into the cage keeping the water bottle from sliding in. Seems like a design flaw.

I was able to put them on my Trek 5200, the allen-head screws are smaller on that frame, so far they are working well.

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