Hydrapak Gel-Bot Water Bottles/Cages

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  • 24 fl. oz. liquid capacity.
  • 3.2 oz. gel capacity.

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    mcnuke   Recreational Rider [Nov 07, 2007]

    Easy to use while riding.
    Fill it with Gel and there's several days worth of Gel for shorter rides (25 miles). Just keep it in the refrig between rides.


    Can be a pain to refill when using standard gel packs while out on the road. This weakness is eliminated when using Gel from a bottle at home.

    GelBot has really helped me on long rides. When filled, you can about 8-10 good hits of gel as you ride along. I'm not a big water drinker, so I can usually get 2 bottles of water out of the gel reservoir before it needs to be refilled.
    I bought Hammer-Gel in the bottles, big savings in price over the individual gel packages. PLUS the bottle of gel is much easier to use when adding gel to the GelBot.
    I've used mine for probably 2500 miles, don't leave home without it.
    ocassional Dishwasher cleaning; haven't had any issues with the internal components after washing.

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