FSA SL-K Cyclocross Brakeset Front/Rear Brake Calipers

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SL-K Cyclocross Brakeset Front/Rear

Built to withstand the rigors of cross racing, FSA's SL-K Cyclocross Brakeset is a perfect upgrade for your mud machine. Their wide-set open arm...

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river roadie   Recreational Rider [Apr 14, 2011]

easy setup. adjustable cross cable. brake pads are the right size. Loads of wheel clearance for various cross tires.


Not as fancy as Avid ultimates. Not as strong as my road calipers.

Put these on my Specialized Tricross. At first I had a set of Avid shortys. I like the FSA because it has an adjustable cross cable. It makes it easy to fine tune after the cross cable is tightened. The cross cable fastener requires two tiny hex wrenches to tighten. The matching hanger looks good but requires the cross cable to be inserted through drilled out holes. No unhooking to removing them. You've got to play around a little with cantis to get the right cross cable length. Too much and there's no power. Too little and you're hitting the tire. The brake shoes also need more attention. The older long shoes from the Avids were too long and would hit the frame or fork. The shorter ones on the FSA work as well and don't get hung up. Careful adjustment trial/error is needed to insure the right contact to the rim.

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