TekTro R741 Brake Calipers


  • System: Dual Pivot Caliper Brake
  • Material: Forged aluminum arms
  • Pads: P460 adjustable cartridge with Swiss Stop pads
  • Dimension: 39-51 mm

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CyclingHosko   Recreational Rider [Sep 12, 2011]

Light, strong, excellent stopping power.


None so far, possibly too effective if you get too excited with the brakes.. they do stop you quite quickly!

My current ride wasn't fairing to well with the generic brake calipers that it came with so after reading some comments on the net, decided to purchase these from a friend. They were brand new so I got a bit of a bargain! They are excellent. My 105kg weight 'disadvantage' is easily stopped using these calipers compared to the generic calipers (which did have new pads). They also are very lightweight, which in my case doesn't really matter however if you are a 65kg lightweight and you are picky about what you do put on your bike then these are an excellent choice.

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