SRAM S-Series 500 TT Brake Levers

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S-Series 500 TT

The new SRAM 900 and 500 brake levers are the perfect match for riders needing only a single gear.

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mark welch   Commuter [Feb 29, 2012]

very light weight
high braking power (with proper caliper combination)


if you crash and your bike falls hard to the side on them the aluminum lever snaps off like a twig. Had to buy a new right hand one because this happened while riding in the rain drunk.

I found these levers while looking for an alternative to using shimano brifters as high end single speed brake levers. They work pretty well and can be had for under sixty bucks a set on sale. In terms of comfort they feel great and are very ergonomic. They seem to be made more for people with large hands but you can adjust the lever reach very accurately and easily with a built in adjustment scew. I was surprised to find that there was no built in return spring but I think that SRAM is assuming since your buying high end brake levers your going to go with dual pivot calipers that have a return spring built in. the levers perform at about 8 out of ten with a shimano brifter lever performing at a 10 because of the friction cancelling design they use. On a less practical note they look amazingly cool and modern yet not flashy. They can be just the thing to make your vintage build be cool and functional.

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