Louis Garneau Ear Covers Caps

Ear Covers

It's common knowledge that heat escapes from your head faster than anywhere else. Knit caps are great for sedentary winter activities because they trap that heat. But when you're hammering away on the bike, full knit caps can cause you to overheat quickly. Consider the Louis Garneau Ear Cover 2 as an alternative on days when you're facing a cooler ride, but not venturing into a true wintry mess. It protects your ears against windchill and frostbite without turning your helmet into a brain-sauna. The Ear Cover 2 is made of Garneau's Enerblock fabric. It's a stretchy polyester knit with a soft back and breathable polyurethane membrane that keeps out wind and water. As a finishing touch, Garneau made the front logo reflective for an added hint of visibility. The Louis Garneau Ear Cover 2 comes in Black and in two size options: Small/Medium and Large/X-Large.