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The earlyWinter Interactive Long Sleeve Base Layer is identical in every way to the Assos Fall base layer, with one central difference: It has a zippered, high-neck construction, in contrast to the Fall's collarless design. The zippered neck allows for temperature regulation -- especially nice when you're climbing. And its high-neck cut wards off the chilly wind a bit better. Assos suggests that you use the earlyWinter Interactive Long Sleeve Base Layer along with their elementOne or airJack jackets, depending on the temperature. Assos recommends the earlyWinter for temperatures ranging from 43-54 degrees. Available in sizes Small-TIR, in two colors -- Black and White. One final note: Assos base layers are not specific to men or women. They are designed to be unisex.

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berserk87   Road Racer [Nov 03, 2014]

Great cycling fit. The zipper helps venting a bit. Very warm for as thin as it is.


Pricey at MSRP.

I have ridden with this base layer 4 times so far. It fits like a glove and is very comfortable. It is much warmer than my Pearl Izumi Barrier shirt. As with every new piece of cold-weather cycling gear, I am learning what temps are best for using this item, and with what combo of other clothing.
I got a great deal on this during a web sale. Not sure I would have paid full price.

I have found this to be warmer than I thought it would be. This is a good thing, but I have worn it in the prescribed ranges by Assos and have been sweating my butt off. Once I get used to when to wear this and with what other gear, it will be perfect.

Typical Assos quality - nicely tailored and has little add-ins like the zipper, and more breathable areas (in the armpits) strategically placed.

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