Capo Torino SL Long Sleeve Base Layer

Torino SL Long Sleeve

If you're chattering your teeth through the winter, we feel sorry for you. However, we can offer you some advice -- get a winter weight base layer, already! And when you're on the market, where better to start than at the finish with the Capo's flagship Torino SL Long Sleeve Base Layer. Winter protection starts and ends here.To support you through near-freezing temperatures, Capo constructed the Torino SL base layer from the patented Dryarn fabric. This material is comprised of a polypropylene microfiber that's at once lightweight, yet extremely effective at wicking moisture away from the skin. That's the idea at work, here. While the Torino SL does offer a slight insulation layer, the effective dryness is what surmounts to your warmth. Don't believe us? Let's conduct a little experiment. First, blow on the back of your hand. Now, wet it and blow again. Colder right? Now, imagine that you're pouring sweat under your jacket and you're about to head down a ripping descent at 35 degrees. Brr. The Torino SL pulls moisture to its quick drying surface, where it's quickly evaporated. This process leaves you consistently dry, and accordingly, warmer.And while the Torino SL's moisture management system is exceptional, Capo knew that the fit needed to be impeccable in order to support it. For a base layer, a gentle contact between the skin and the fabric is crucial in order for the Dryarn to perform its magic. So, Capo employed a minimally seamed, one-piece design to ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort. This system allows a tight regulation of your core temperature per muscle grouping without the running the threat of overheating. For comfort the cut minimizes the points of wear abrasion typically occurs, like where the sleeves meet the shoulders. Instead, the Torino features a wide flatlock stitch pattern at this juncture to allow a complete freedom of movement. Also, Dryarn's natural antimicrobial properties will destroy odor-causing bacteria to keep your riding fresh and comfortable.The Capo Torino SL Long Sleeve Base Layer is available in one size and in the color White. For maximum effectiveness, Capo suggests wearing this base layer in temperatures ranging from 35 to 45degrees Fahrenheit. Every Torino SL is made in Italy.