Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Eyewear

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Half Jacket 2.0 XL

The original Oakley Half Jacket became essential gear for athletes, and the Half Jacket 2.0 takes the proud heritage to the next level of design. Half Jacket 2.0 offers extended lens coverage for those who prefer an expanded field of view. Proprietary Three-Point Fit optimizes comfort while holding the lenses in precise optical alignment.

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centurionomega   Recreational Rider [Jan 26, 2014]

can't feel when wearing
stay put all day long


no hardshell case

I bought a pair of these with G40 Transitions lenses and have been very happy, but I have only used them for a few rides. So far, I have put them on in the early morning when light is dim, and took them off when I got home after a long day of riding.

They feel like nothing while wearing, and the grippy rubber ear socks just grab your helmet cage and stay put.

The full-on dark tint on the lenses isn't very dark (40% light transmission). I have pretty light sensitive eyes and although the January sun was bright when viewed directly, when out riding and looking around it wasn't a problem. Might need to make a different choice for summertime riding.

The low-light tint is very usable. Early morning just at sunrise is no problem. The rose-coloring even has nice vision enhancing properties. I just used them to commute home at sunset with the fog rolling in. Still could see pretty well.

No problems fogging while climbing yet. I just usually slide glasses forward a bit on my nose to clear that up when it happens.

The best part is I got them at 1/2 price. No hardshell case, but I'm usually pretty careful with sunglasses so it shouldn't be a problem for me; Overall, a nice pair of shades.

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