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pedal   Weekend Warrior [Jul 04, 2002]

Perfomance (no pun intended), fit and terrific value, especially when they are on sale.


These glasses are strickly for on-road use - these ain't stylin' sunglasses.

I wanted a pair of glasses with interchangable lenses and these Performance sunglassses happened to be on sale, so I figured 'what the heck' and I bought 'em. First impression is that they are kinda cheesy. They look like the cheap sunglasses you find at drug stores. However, that's the end of the negative comments. After I've worn them on the road, here are the facts: They fit well. They don't slip (and I perspire a lot) - this is a big deal when I'm on the drops hammering at 30 mph - I hate it when my sunglasses start slipping down my nose. The amber lens really does amplify exisiting light - they are what I am looking for in a pair of glasses when the conditions are cloudy/foggy. For what you get (comfortable frame - two sets of lens (smoke and amber)) for what you spend it's an incredible deal.

Similar Products Used: Oakley M and Zero (many pairs broken - they suck!) Native Low Ryde
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