Specialized 74 Long Finger Gloves

74 Long Finger

  • Supple Pittards leather micro perf upper
  • Top hand Lycra flex zones
  • Lycra thumb gusset

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The Peanut Pedaler   [Feb 08, 2017]

The fit was great! They're leather, everyone asks, "Aren't they hot?". NO, they're not. They also have some "spandex" in a few areas that help them vent. Hot, Cold, these things get the job done! They give you a sure grip on anything you touch.
They also make a short finger...I don't like short finger gloves.


They're leather so they can be hard to take care of since you're literally sweating on and through them. They're "High maintenance"

I have gone through so many pairs of these things, it's ridiculous. I love these gloves. they'll keep your hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They grip well. They have minimal padding, which I like, too much padding makes my hands get numb spots worse than no gloves.

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