Assos SS.skinFoil S/S Jerseys

SS.skinFoil S/S

Assos SS.skinFoil_Spring Short Sleeve The NEW generation of ASSOS bodyInsulators replaces the interactive series. It's a complete construction platform change. No more preShaped panels. Instead, we opted for seamless, tubular construction. Why? Less expensive, less restrictive, more comfortable fit. Nevertheless, the garments' performance is just as good, if not better, than the previous interactive models, thanks to the meticulously calibrated choice of the custom-designed yarn matrix. 85 polypropylene, 15 polyester PBT ALS CLIMARANGE The skinFoil series of bodyInsulators comprises all you will need: Only seven models, covering the seven ALS climaRanges, from spring.1 to winterPlus.7. Each is designed to ideally complement your second layer of ASSOS jersey or jacket, making a perfect match . HOW TO USE IT? ASSOS bodyInsulators are fundamental to the proper functioning of your ALS. The bodyInsulator is your first, next-to-skin layer. It must fit properly, or your ASSOS outfit wi