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Castelli Aero Race Jersey: Special Velocity fabric on the front and shoulder panels provides a smooth, clean fit to reduce boundary layer drag. Wide, flat Giro++ sleeve cuffs maintain a flat, aero profile while silicone waist gripper secures jersey placement...

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Fogbiker   Triathlete [Aug 08, 2011]

- Skin tight aero fit, might save a few seconds in a TT.


- Short! Looks like I'm wearing my girlfriend's jersey.
- No guidance on proper fit.

I just got this today and couldn't believe the fit. It's very short in the torso and a little tight around my puny arms.

After searching for reviews and finding little useful I am posting this for others. At least if you read this you'll be armed with a little more information before you drop $80 to $100 for one of these online.

I am 5'11" and 152lb, 32 inseam, and 15.5" from navel to sternal notch. "Why the inseam measurement?" you ask? Well if you have similar height and inseam then you probably have a similar torso height. I usually wear medium but some size charts put me in a small. On with the review...

I chose the medium based on the sizing chart (medium fits 37 - 39" chest... I measure 37.5 these days). It is a stretch-tight fit which is what I expect... but, it's short. Like barely below my navel short. Problem is, I don't know if this is the way it's supposed to fit or if it's sized for a 135lb 5'6" pro rider and I can find no guidance anywhere on the intended fit.

I can live with it the tightness around the arms considering I'll only be wearing for TTs. It might be uncomfortable for a long ride though.

At least with bibs there's no exposed skin but it can't be worn with shorts.

I rated this at 3 because I really can't find any information on whether or not this is the intended fit.

Similar Products Used: None. This is my first aero fit jersey.
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