Diadora Team Racer Fibra Shoes

Team Racer Fibra

  • Fitting: Ergonomic fit
  • Heel: Ergonomic support
  • Upper: D-Skin Technology
  • Insole: Removable, anatomic design
  • Closure: Micro CL buckle in cold forged aluminium with 2 velcro straps

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Jay T   Recreational Rider [Dec 26, 2006]

-Ergo fit
-Fastening system
-Airflow / Cooling
-Look great


-Kind of pricey especially in store, try to find a deal online
-You can get lighter shoes for the same or less $ if weight is your thing

Great shoe. Feel very light and robust and they look sharp. Probably not the lightest shoes compared to all carbon soles, but unless you're a weight wienie it won't make much difference. Fit my feet very well, which I know is a personal thing, but they feel ergonomically correct, which is what they advertise. Vents on the bottom of the shoes allow really nice airflow under the soles into the shoe. This is great for summer, but you need to cover up for winter or swap shoes. I love the ratchet fastening system, it also feels very strong, time will tell if they hold up in the long run. I'm going to give the value rating a 3 due to the fact that you're probably paying a lot for the 'bling' factor, but i'll give em a 5 overall because I love these shoes and they feel great on my feet while riding which is the most important thing.

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