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Louis Garneau Multi Cycling Shoe. Beautiful styling meets function: Great for the road and trail as well as the Spin class. Features: The upper is constructed mostly of nylon mesh and synthetic leather for ventilation, comfort and support. A semi rigi

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Treavor Matsushima   Recreational Rider [Dec 27, 2011]

I like that these were not super expensive for me.
You don't need to bring an extra pair of shoes wherever you go if commuting with these.
A surprisingly stiff sole makes this shoe almost like a road shoe.
They actually look pretty cool and are comfortable.


I have only had these for a couple of weeks, but when I do walk on even a slight uneven surfaces the cleat scrapes the bottom noticeably.
Based on a week of commuting I have done in these shoes, I found out that these are mostly a cycling specific shoe, with less emphasis on off-bike performance, i.e. walking in these is slightly awkward, but something I am sure I, as well as you, will get used to.

I had old LOOK keo pedals for my previous (and now retired) commuter bike and didn't like how I needed to bring my expensive Sidi's with another pair of shoes to school every time I commuted, so I bought some Shimano pedals that were SPD compatible and ended up buying these shoes to go with them.
These shoes are very convenient and very moderately priced, not to mention comfortable and actually pretty cool looking. Although looks and on-bike performance are great, once you get off the bike, the shoe starts to suffer a little, i.e. walking is kinda awkward and the SPD cleat scrapes the ground on uneven surfaces.
As far as sizing goes, they are true to my road shoe.
All in all not a perfect commuter shoe, but still, I highly recommend them.

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