Nortwave Hornet Shoes


I have to say for the low cost of these shoes, they are weel worth the price. These shoes and any Northwave shoe made before 2008 have plenty of voulme in the first third of the shoe. More than Sidi, Vittoria and a host of other Italian made shoes. If you are changing over from Sidi you may want to go down a size in the Northwaves. One remarkable thing about Northwave is how the shoe holds your foot, especially the heel. Never any dreaded heel slip and you never have to overtighten the straps to feel secure. Another bright point of these shoes are the slotted cleat mount holes ( I'm surprised other shoe makers haven't used this in their shoes) . This enables you to to dial in that Q-Factor. Example, I have one foot that likes to point out at the toe. With any other shoe, that foot would end up being very close to the crank arm. Not with these. Overall, a great fitting shoe for people that need more volume in a shoe to fit comfortably.