Shimano SH-RT51 Shoes

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A great lightweight shoe for indoor fitness or touring cyclists. Recessed cleat mounting and non slp smooth rubber sole. Triple hook-and-loop straps offer subtle adjustments.

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KellyMo   Recreational Rider [Jan 25, 2010]

Great airflow but not too much: feet stayed cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Easy to walk, loved the velcro option. If you can get them for the price I did (and I might be tossing these back on ebay soon), they're a great value.


I bought them too small, but that's my own fault. :)

I tried some RT-50's on at a local store and ended up buying these 51's on eBay. Unfortunately, the sizing differed between the shoes I had tried on, and these came too small (which is surprising, since I typically wear 42s, ordered 43s, and apparently need 44s). Despite this, I still wore my preferred thick wool socks and rode with them. My toes would begin to numb after about an hour of riding, but this didn't pose too much of a problem since I typically stop hourly.
So basically, the shoes were great (although they're the only cycling shoes I've ever owned, so I can't really compare) and did me well aside from being too small.

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